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To make the house beautiful and comfortable, it is not enough to install quality windows. It is also important to “dress” them. The most common option was and remains curtains.

General principles:

  • Not too heavy, concise design curtains would be appropriate in a small room
  • If you attach the curtains to the ceiling eaves and make them hang down to the floor, they will visually increase the height of the room (a good option for apartments with a height of 2.7 m)
  • Multi-layered heavy curtains decorated with pleats, “take root” in spacious rooms with large windows. In small ones they will be “crowded”
  • if you have too wide window sills, and you are afraid that they will stick out from under the curtains, then you will be helped by special fasteners, which increase the length of the brackets that the eaves itself is attached to. For the best curtains in Singapore this is important now.

Options for each room

In the kitchen is best to use short curtains – to the windowsill. The best solution – cotton or tulle curtains, they remove the extra light, but do not completely cover it.

In addition, cotton is well washed, it can even be boiled. This is important because the curtains in the kitchen are always more polluted than in other rooms. Here, in any case, there is increased humidity, and evaporation settles during cooking.

Jaundice in the first week of life is recorded in 60 – 80% of healthy, full-term newborns. The consequences of jaundice that was not treated in time are very serious: brain and liver cells are the first to suffer. You can put your trust over the good at home jaundice treatment in this case.

Jaundice has a negative effect on the brain:

Lethargy, drowsiness, lethargy, inhibition of the sucking reflex, irritability, drooping of the head, shouts of high tonality;

Convulsions, cerebral palsy, paralysis, deafness, decreased vision, even blindness;

Mental retardation, speech delay, memory loss, autism, etc.

The negative impact of toxin (bilirubin) on the liver cells:

  • Cholestasis, hepatitis, cirrhosis of the liver.

A few years ago, the only method of treatment was either hospitalizing a child in a hospital and a painful, unsafe blood transfusion procedure, or “grandmother’s way” – holding the baby in the sun, which is potentially dangerous for the child.

Today, there is a full-fledged alternative to hospitalization – an effective and safe method of treatment “Phototherapy at home.” The method of treatment “Phototherapy” approved by the Ministry of Health as the only possible, safe and effective method of treating jaundice of newborns, which does not require medical and surgical intervention. The effectiveness of phototherapy at home is confirmed by global studies in the field of neonatology.

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